Beijing, June 5 (Xinhua) - China's ticket office is expected to see a highly competitive Dragon Boat festival, with more than a dozen titles scheduled for its launch around Of the three days vacation, which begins on June 12.

June 11, a Friday, it is set to see the launch of 10 new films, according to a release calendar presented by MOOYAN and BEACON movie data platforms. The calendar is subject to changes as vacation approaches.

Among the set movies for release are the animated fantasy of Japanese "Hello World", "Hello World" Chinese Comedy "Sunny Sisters" and Ee Animated Adventure. UU "Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway".

The same day you will also see the continental Chinese theatrical debut of the award-winning Italian movie "Nuovo Cinema Paradiso."

June 12, according to Maousan, you will see seven movies open in theaters, all national productions, including sports comedy" never stop ", the crime thriller" Are you only tonight? " and the romantic comedy "Wu Hai". The next few days can see some movies in vacation ticket office alignment, choose to delay your release plans to avoid immediate competition during vacations. EndItem


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Image of China's Xinjiang posts foreign trade growth in Jan.-Aug.
China's Xinjiang posts foreign trade growth in Jan.-Aug.

Urumqi, September 20 (Xinhua) - China Northwestern China Autonomous Region of Xinjiang registered around 97.4 billion yuan (around 15.06 billion doll

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