G7 Tax Agreement does not go far enough, activists say Published 12 hours agasosharcacelloshare pagecopy linkabout Sharingmedia CaptionalG7 Global taxes 'levels The game field'

An offer of landmarks hit the rich nations so that multinational companies pay more taxes has been criticized by activists for not going far enough.

G7 Ministers of Finance Meeting in London agreed on the avoidance of battle taxes making large companies pay more taxes in countries where they do business.

Tech Giants firms that will probably be affected have welcomed the new rules.

but the Oxfam charity says that a minimum corporate tax rate of 15% agreed is "too low" to make a difference.

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    The deal announced on Saturday between Group G7 of the Rich nations, the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Canada, Italy and Japan, plus the EU, could see billions of dollars flowing to governments to pay the debts incurred during the Covid crisis.

    Chancellor of the United Kingdom of The Acquer Rishi Sunak, who lodged the Summit, said the agreement would create "a more righteous tax system for the 21st century". image Copyrightpa MediaImage Captionthe G7 The attendees raised for photos at Lancaster House

    The agreed treatment originally pay a minimum tax rate of at least 15% in each country that operate.

    But beneficial aid organizations said that the agreed rate is too low and would not stop the tax havens of Operatina g.

    "is absurd for G7 to affirm that" review "a broken global tax system by creating a global minimum corporate tax rate that is similar to soft rates charged by Havens, such as Ireland, Like Ireland, Switzerland and Singapore, "said Oxfam Executive Director Gabriela Bucher. "They are establishing the bar so low that companies can squeeze it." "

    she said that the deal was unfair, since she would benefit the G7 states, where many of the large companies have its headquarters, at the expense of poor nations.

    Alex Cobham , Executive Director of the Fiscal Justice Network, called Treating a "turning point," but said it remained "extremely unfair".

    "We have one step of the way today: the idea of ​​a rate of Minimum taxes: What we need is to make sure that the benefits of that, the income, are distributed fairly around the world, "said the agreement to the BBC. The agreement will be considered at a meeting next G20 month, including China and India.

    Why did you want to change the rules?

    Governments have been dealt for a long time with the Impulse challenge to global companies that operate in many countries.

    That challenge has grown up with the rise in huge technical corporations such as Amazon and Facebook .

    At this time, companies can establish local branches in countries that have relatively low corporate tax rates and declare benefits there.

    That means that only pay the local tax rate, even if the benefits come mainly from the sales made elsewhere. This is legal and commonly done.

    The agreement aims to prevent this from happening in two ways.

    First, the G7 will aim to make companies pay more taxes in countries where they are selling their products or services, instead of where they finish declare their profits.

    Second, they want a global minimum tax rate to prevent countries from undergoing each other with low tax rates.

    The right to tax is the essence of sovereign power. That is why the coordinated international action is so difficult.

    It has been the dream of activists and mainly the European finance ministers for years. They would hardly believe that it was possible until the last months. But the need to fill the chests emptied by the pandemic, and the arrival of the Biden Administration in the


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