Beijing, June 6 (Xinhua) - On June 3, Hua Zhibing, at its first place of Weibo, announced that he would study in the Department of Computer and Technology at the University of Tsinghua.

Hua has something that is distinguished by an average college student: She is China's first virtual student driven by a large-scale artificial intelligence system (AI).

"I have been addicted to literature and art since I was born," Hua said in his first Vlog publication in Weibo.

The appearance, voice music and Hua Zhibing background on the Vlog, as well as the paintings of it, developed in a record modeling system called AI Wudao 2.0.

Wudao 2.0 was presented at the 2021 Beijing Academy of Artificial Intelligence (BAAI) conference on June 1.

Tang Jie is Baai Vice Academic Director and a professor at the Department of Computer and Technology at the University of Tsinghua, one of the main developers of Hua Zhibing.

> According to Tang, Wudao 2.0 uses 1.75 trillion parameters to simulate conversation speech, type poems and I understand images, breaking the previous record of 1.6 trillion parameters established by The Google switch transformer.

"Wudao 2.0 is the first billion scale model in China and the largest in the world," Tang said at the conference.

Tang said Wudao 2.0 achieved excellent results in nine reference tasks in the field of pre-training model and was close to breaking the Turing test in creation of poetry and coplash, abstracts of text, answering questions and painting.

When a computer convinces a sufficient number of humans to believe that it is not a machine but a human, it is said that the intelligence of the computer is said that " pass the test.

The Baai launched Wudao 1.0, China's first large-scale intelligent harvest model system, on March 20. The research and development of Wudao 2.0 joined more than 100 ai scientists in China, the upper level of the Academy and Industry of the AI ​​China.

Your basic algorithm had training on models on the supercomputer platform developed by China's home.

Tang said that Wudao 2.0 aims to allow machines to think about how humans, move towards Universal AI and allow developers to build an AI application ecosystem. Any researcher and companies can be applied to use the prediction model for free.

She added that Hua Zhibing is the result of efforts. Hua was trained jointly by the Baai, along with and Xiaoice technology companies.

"I was interested in my birth," said Hua Zhibing in her vlog. "How was I born? Can I understand myself?"

The virtual student said he would study under Tang's tutelage and has been running against time to learn and improve every day in areas such as logical reasoning skills of the.

According to Tang, the virtual student will grow and learn faster than an average actual person. If he starts learning at the level of a six-year-old child this year, she will be at the level of a twelve-year-old boy in a year.

Hua Zhibing can not study completely and live as ordinary students at this time, and she will not experience emotional problems either, Tang said.

"We hope that she dominates the skills first and then seek advances in the reasoning and emotional interaction," she said. EndItem


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