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Hainan, the province of the island of China, plans to inject 220 billion yuan ($ 34.4 billion) in five years to improve its transport infrastructure to support the construction of a free trade port , according to an integral transport plan published by the provincial government on Tuesday.

The five-year plan highlights the key task of building a first class international aviation center. The construction of a new airport will be launched during the 14th Quinquennial Plan (2021-25) in Sanya, at the southern end of the island, while the expansion of phase III from Haikou Meilan International Airport will accelerate.

For 2025, the plan requires that the Hainan air transport network becomes more competitive, reaching 130 national cities and 80 international destinations.

Hainan will also make the construction of an international shipping center an international shipping priority at 2021-25 periods. Efforts will also be made to build an international cruise portal, with a Sanya international cruise start port, such as the Core and a HAIKOU international cruise departure port as an important component. A series of public yacht terminals will be developed to promote the yacht industry.

Also during the fourteenth period of the five-year plan, Hainan will increase the construction of an integrated interurban transport network, providing a convenient transport of commuter and integrated urban and rural transport services, under the plan.


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