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Prominent activist Pro-democracy Pro-democracy of Hong Kong, has been released from Prison after serving almost seven months after 10 months term.

She was received by sympathizers and media, but she was expelled without comment. The authorities did not say why she had been released early.

chow and fellow activists Joshua Wong and Ivan Lam were imprisoned last year for his role in protests in 2019.

China later imposed a national security law to stifle dissidence In Hong Kong.

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  • What is the basic law and how it works?
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    chow, 24, left the prison doors at 10:00 local time (02:00 GMT) on Saturday.

    The supporters of it were heard by screaming "Add Oil!" - An expression that became a cry of rally during mass protests.

    Chow did not speak with the waiting means, since she was chosen in a car for her friends.

    Next to Wong and Lam, also in his 20 years, Agnes Chow became the face of Hong Kong's protests. They remain in jail.

    Chow supporters have called it "The Real Mulan", in reference to the legendary Chinese heroin who fought to save the family of her and her country. Others have called her the "goddess of democracy".

    Law Nathan, another prominent young activist, has been given asylum in the UK after fleeing Hong Kong.

    What is the national security law?

    Hong Kong: A special administrative region of China, was always destined to have a security law, but it could never happen one because it was so unpopular.

    Therefore, it is that it is the government in Beijing that happens to make sure that the city has a legal framework to treat what sees as serious challenges for its authority.

    The details of the 66 articles of the law were kept secret until it was approved last year. Criminalizes any act of:

  • secession - break away from the country
  • Subversion: undermining the power or authority of the central government
  • terrorism - use of violence or Intimidation against people
  • Collusion with foreign or external forces

    The law entered into force at 23:00 local time on June 30, 2020, one hour before the 23rd anniversary of The delivery of the city to China of the British Rule.

    Power of Beijing to shape life in Hong Kong, I had never had before. Critics say that protest and freedom of expression is effectively reduced: China has said that it will return stability. Capture of Media The story behind the crisis and the identity protests of Hong Kong - first November 2019 transmission

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