Nie Haisheng. [Photo / Xinhua]

Main General Nie Haisheng, 56, Native of the Province of Hubei, joined the Air Force of the Folk Liberation Army in June 1983. A veteran astronaut, is the incumbent chief of the division of Astronaut Pla.nie was an experienced pilot of a regiment of air force combat aircraft before being selected in January 1998 as one of the first astronauts of the nation. It was one of the two substitutes to Yang Liwei, who was chosen to carry out the China manned first in October 2003. In October 2005., Nie made its first space mission on board the Shenzhou VI spacecraft with Fei Junlong , complying with the first spatial factory of Multiple photographs of the country. In June 2013, he carried out his second space trip at the 15-day Shenzhou X mission with Zhang Xiaoguang and Wang Yaping. NIE was selected for the crew of Shenzhou XII in December 2019.


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Innovation drives northeast China's revitalization

Harbin, September 17 (Xinhua) - Harbin Electric Corporation, a leading Chinese electric machinery manufacturer in the province of Heilongjiang from N

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