Shenzhou-12: China to launch the first crew to the new space station Published 4 hours agasosharcacelloshare pagecopy" target="_BLANK">linkabout SharingImage CopyrightTreutesImage CaptttTang Hongbo (L), Nie Haisheng (C) and Liu Boming (R) spoke to reporters on Wednesday from behind glass, a pre-flight quarantine measure

China is scheduled to throw three astronauts in orbit for Begin the occupation of the country. New space station.

The three men - Nie Haisheng, Liu Boming and Tang Hongbo, are expected to spend three months of life and working aboard the Tianhe module about 380 km (236 miles) on Earth.

will be the mission of the longest crew space from China to date and the first in almost five years.

Your Shenzhou-12 capsule is prepared on its long March 2F rocket.

The takeoff of the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in the Gobi Desert is expected at 09:22 Beijing time on Thursday (01:22 GMT).

The event is a demonstration of the growing trust and capacity of China in the domain of space.

In the last six months, the Asian nation has returned the samples of rock and soil to the ground from the surface of the moon, and landed a six-wheel wheel. Robot in Mars: both highly complex and challenging efforts.

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    The main objective of Commander Nie Haishen and his team at the mission of Shenzhou-12 is to carry the 22.5 tonnes module in service.

    "I have a lot of expectation," Nie said. "We need to establish our new home in space and try a series of new technologies, then, the mission is difficult and challenging, I think the three worked closely together, doing exhaustive and accurate operations, we can overcome our challenges.. We have the confidence of Complete the mission ".

    This Tianhe cylinder of 16.6 m-long, 4.2 m wide was launched in April.

    is the first and the main component in what will eventually be an advanced position in 70 tons orbit, which includes homes, science laboratories and even a Hubble class telescope to see the cosmos.

    The various elements will be launched in turn over the course of the next couple of years. The construction will be accompanied by regular load delivery, as well as expeditions of the crew. Image CopyRightTreutesimpage Captionel Patch of the Mission: It is almost five years since a Chinese team entered the Chinese authorities maintained the identities of the astronauts of Shenzhou-12 under envelopes to a press conference on Wednesday .

    NIE HAISHENG (56) is a veteran of two previous flights, which included a 15-day visit in 2013 to the Prototype Space Station, Tinagong-1. This has been unharmed.

    Nie trained as a pilot of fighters in the Air Force of the Folk Liberation Army.

    tang is the rookie on this occasion, which had never been to the orbit before.

    The food, fuel and equipment that the trio will need during your stay aboard Tianhe was delivered by a robotic freighter last month.

    This freighter is still attached, and men will unpack their supplies their first task as soon as it has been established. Included in the delivery There are two spaces in which they will have to perform spatial steps abroad. of Tianhe. image CopyRightTreutesImage Captionji Qiming says that he expects foreign astronauts to fly to China Space Station

    China has been only in the development of a space station, partly because it has been excluded from the International Space. Project station. United States, which leads that association (with Russia, Europe, can

    Beijing  Hangzhou 

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