Giant rhino fossils in China Show new species was 'higher than the giraffe' Published11 hours AGASOSHERECLOSHARA Linkabout Sharingimage Copyrightyu Chenimage captures the print of the newly discovered artist Rhino

A new species of the old Giant rhinoceros, among the larger mammals to walk by land, has been discovered in the northwest from China. , Researchers say.

The parceratherium Linxiaense, who lived about 26.5 million years ago, weighed 21 tons, the equivalent of four major African elephants.

The head of the Cornless creature could also reach 23 feet (7 m) to pass the treetops, which makes it higher than a giraffe.

The new findings were completed from the fossils discovered in the province of Gansu.

In a study published in the Communications Biology Journal on Thursday, scientists said the analysis of fossils, which is near the town of Wangjiachanan. In 2015, he pointed out a completely new species that was different from other known Giant rhinos.

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    A The fully preserved skull and jaw, for example, indicated that the animal had presented a thin skull, as well as a trunk of pressed nose similar to that of Modern Tapir, according to the study led by Dr. Deng Tao of the Paleontology Institute of Vertebrates and PaleoAnthropology in Beijing.

    The team of scientists also found that the new species was closely related to the Giant rhinoceros that once lived in Pakistan, which suggested that he had traveled through Central Asia.

    If there was freely traveled between China's northwest and the Indian-Pakistani subcontinent, it would suggest that the Tibetan plateau would probably have had some low areas in time.

    "Tropical conditions allowed the Giant rhinoceros to return to the north to Central Asia, which implies that the Tibetan region was not yet raised as a high elevation plateau , "said Prof Deng in a press release.

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