A charging Train from China-Europe leaves Jinhua, Zhejiang province of East China on November 26, 2020. [Photo / Xinhua]

Beijing: China-Europe freight-Europe Train service has registered More than 40,000 trips, with resorted products valued. At more than $ 200 billion, the official data is shown.

Since China-Europe's first cargo Train went to the Southwest Chinese Chongqing Municipality in March 2011, the service has reached more than 160 cities in 22 European countries, according to a job. Conference of the Office of the Limutiant Group on the progress of the belt and the development of the road.

The intercontinental railway route is considered a significant part of the belt initiative and the road to Hangzhoujobs.com/view-blog/1034" target="_BLANK">promote trade between China and the countries that participate in the initiative.

When the Covid-19 pandemic prevented the sea and air transport, the cargo transport service emerged as a reliable option in global logistics thanks to its safety, stability and efficiency.

Around 94,000 tons of anta-gendic supplies was sent through the route, which helped stabilize global industrial and supply chains, according to the office.

The Conference requested more efforts to increase transport capacity and improve transport efficiency, highlighting international cooperation.

Trains made 12,406 trips last year, 50 percent year after year, the data show.

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