Delta Plus: Scientists say too early to say the risk of the Variant of Covid-19

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  • COONAVIRUS PANDEMIC CopyrightTreutesImage Caption It was said that delta delta tension is responsible for second wave of mortal infections

    India has classified a new variant of the Coronavirus identified for the first time in Europe as a "variant of concern", but it is too early to know if it poses a threat Significant

    The Ministry of Health of India said that the studies showed that the so-called Variant of Delta Plus, also known as Ay.1, is spread more easily, It unites more easily to pulmonary cells and is potentially monoclone resistant. Antibody therapy, a powerful intravenous infusion of antibodies to Neu. Tralise the virus.

    The variant is related to the Delta, a variant of existing concern, which was first identified in India last year and is believed to have driven the Second wave of deadly infections this summer in India.

    The Ministry of Health says that the variant of Delta Plus, found for the first time in India in April, has been detected in about 40 samples. of six districts in three states - Maharashtra, Kerala and Madhya Pradesh. At least 16 of these samples were found in Maharashtra, one of the states most affected by the pandemic.

    Delta Plus has also been found in nine other countries: United States, United Kingdom, Portugal, Switzerland, Japan, Poland, Nepal, Russia and China, in comparison With the original highly contagious Delta tension, which has now extended to 80 countries.

    Mutan viruses all the time and most changes are inconsequential. Some even damage the virus. But others can cause the disease more infectious or threatening, and these mutations tend to dominate.

    A mutation rises from a "variant of interest" to a "VOC)" variant "when it shows evidence to meet at least one of several criteria, Including easy transmission, a more serious illness, reduces neutralization by antibodies or reduced effectiveness of treatment and vaccines.

    But virologist leaders have questioned the labeling of Delta Plus as a variant of concern, saying there was no data to show that the variant was more infectious or led to A more serious disease compared to other variants.

    "No data yet to support the variant of the concern," said Dr. Gagandeep Kang, a virologist and the first Indian woman to be elected of the Real Society of London.

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    "You need biological and clinical information to consider whether it is truly a variant of concern."

    This means that India needs more data to determine if the variant is neutralized the variant. Antibodies generated by vaccines available or infection by another variant of the coronavirus.

    Extensive data are also needed on increasing transmissibility, diagnostic failures: routine tests that do not collect the variant, and if the variant is causing A more serious illness." target="_BLANK">image CopyrightTty ImagesImage Captionhundsts of thousands of viral genomes have been analyzed around the world

    "You need to study a few hundred patients who are sick with this condition and variant and find out Yes


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