On a cold but refreshing morning in 1960, a dozen excited young journalists from Latin America arrived in Beijing, putting a foot in New China for the first time. Among them, a young Peruvian, with sharp eyes and a firm look, was full of emotion. Impressed by the gleaming Plaza de Tian'anmen and the new Avenue of Chang'an, he was very anxious to meet the great man he had admired by Mao Zedong president. Half century later, when he looked back his connection for life with China, he recalled that he encountered Chinese revolutions and the long march of Mao and other Chinese communists in books. He had never imagined that fate guides him to meet Mao and other Chinese communists in person and make China the second home of it. In the work of him, the ancient country that changes rapidly in the east was overflowing with vigor and vitality and on a journey from the time towards progress and prosperity. Portrait of Arce

The excited young man was Antonio Fernández Arce, chief journalist of El Peruvian, a newspaper more circulated in Peru. In its twenty years, due to the excellent journalistic writings and management skills, Mapa became president of Peru's Peru journalists association and established the Association of Reporters of Latin America. In October 1960, when Mapa was in Vienna for the World Meeting of Journalists, he came into contact with New China colleagues and received a sincere invitation to visit the country. That led to the article opening scene.

President Mao Zedong received the delegation of Latin American journalists in Zhongnanhai. He lamented the lack of communication between China and Latin America due to the geographical distance and recognized the delegation as the best teacher to help China better understand Latin America. Mao then spoke with maple smiling on the Inca Empire in Old Peru and recognized the splendid achievements of him, including a well-developed agriculture agriculture, sophisticated construction techniques, advanced astronomical experience and a strict moral code. Maple added to the details of the three moral precepts by which the Incas lived, namely, they do not steal, do not lie and are not lazy (Ama Sua, Ama Lollla and Ama Quelella). Mao responded with an appreciation assent and praised the moral code. The friends of Latin American American are all impressed by the words of Mao president and admired the vast reserve of knowledge of him over Latin America.

From this trip, Maple became a good friend from China. He published a large number of articles on him experience in China in newspapers around the world. He was China's leading and prolific journalist in Latin America.

In 1967, Arce came to China with his wife and worked for the Beijing Transmission Station. In 1970, one thing happened that forged a narrow bond between the family of Maple and China. The newborn daughter of Arce, Flor de Maria Fernández, was in critical conditions due to blood poisoning. By learning this, Prime Minister Zhou, fin, immediately ordered military hospitals who will conduct a joint consultation and spared no effort to save the Peruvian girl. The condition of her was so critical that she urgently needed a mass transfusion of massive blood. As the hospital did not have enough plasma that coincided with her blood type, she quickly sought help from the garrison troops in Beijing. The soldiers rushed to the hospital to donate blood shortly after they learned about the situation. Thanks to careful care of medical staff and blood donated by the Chinese soldiers, Flor de Maria Fernandez was out of danger. Premier Zhou always maintained the status of the girl in her mind and asked about her several times during the treatment process. Only after the girl was discharged from the hospital, he put his mind to taste and sent a message of sympathy and congratulations to maple. The memory of the year always evokes a source of deep appreciation on maple. He knew what caring and loving Premier Zhou was at Chinese Pe.


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