Shenzhen, July 3 (Xinhua): A whale recently appeared in Shenzhen, Guangdong province of South China, has been preliminarily identified as Bryde's whale, said The local authorities.

The experts made the conclusion after analyzing the photos and videos captured by witnesses since the mammal stained for the first time in Dapeng Bay on June 29 .

The Shenzhen Municipal Fishing Department, together with other research institutions in China, has been tracking the whale and registered the creature that feeds more than 100 occasions , which suggests that he is healthy and active, said Chen Binyao, a scientist. of the monitoring team of Nanjing Normal University.

Bryde whales, which are mainly in tropical and subtropical waters, are marked by three ridges in front of its splans, a dark gray and a white abdomen or rose.

according to c la hen, the spotted whale in Shenzhen is a subadode with a length of about 8 meters. Currently it is not clear why it appeared in the area.

Whales are under State protection in China. The local government and environmental organizations in Shenzhen have strengthened the management of the local sea area, and a working group was created on Friday by the New Dapeng District to monitor and protect whales and dolphins. EndItem

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