Indian Covid doctors demand action after attacks

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  • Coronavirus pandemic Image captiond Senapati was brutally attacked after a patient in his hospital died

    Dr. Seud Kumar Senapati vividly remembers the afternoon at the beginning of June, he thought he would die.

    was that of him first work of him and his second day at work at a COVID care center in the leaf district, in the northeastern state of Assam of India.

    was asked to review a patient who had been admitted that morning. When he did, he found him insensitive.

    The patient's family was furious when he told them that the man had died. At times, Dr. Senapati recalled, all hell untied. He said that they started throwing chairs around the room, breaking windows and abusing staff.

    Dr. Senapati ran for the cover, but soon more people joined the family and found it. .

    A horrible video of the attack shows a group of men mostly kicking Dr. Senapati and hitting him on his head with a bed, then they drag him outside And they continue to hit it. Dr. Senapati, with blood and shirtless, can hear howling with pain and fear.

    "I thought he would not survive," he said.

  • 'There were no doctors. They had escaped '
  • women in rural India hesitate to take Vaccines Covid

    from the beginning of the pandemic in India last year , several doctors have been attacked by families of Covid patients. The recurrent complaint: Your loved ones were not treated properly or did not assign a bed on time.

    Doctors have protested and have gone from strike by demanding stricter laws, as well as more personal and better infrastructure to alleviate pressure on them.

    Hospitals are also poorly prepared. When Dr. Senapati was being attacked, nobody came to the rescue of him because the remaining staff was also beaten or hidden. A solitary guard was helpless against the mafia.

    "My clothes was torn, my gold chain was snatched and my mobile phone and my shows were crushed. But after about twenty minutes, I managed to Escape, "Dr. Senapati said.

    He led directly to the local police station and recorded a complaint. The video of the attack, which since then has been shared in social networks, caused a Furore. The state government promised a rapid action and 36 people, including three minors, has been charged for the assault." target="_BLANK">image CopyRightTty ImagesImage CaptionDoctors have protested demanding stricter laws to protect them

    while attacks on health workers have been focused during the Covid, they occurred to an alarming regularity before the pandemic. However, most incidents do not lead to police complaints or investigations. When they do, the defendant is often released on bail and the case is resolved outside of the court.

    Earlier this year, the family of a covid patient who died in the devastating property of the second wave of India and the abused staff of the Apollo Hospital in The capital, Delhi. Despite being a prominent private hospital, he did not pay charges. In fact, administrations of the hospital are rarely involved in such cases, leaving the staff more vulnerable.



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