Beijing, July 6 (Xinhua) - Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang held a virtual dialogue with business leaders from the United Kingdom on Tuesday, expressing his hopes of consolidating mutual trust and the Deepening mutually beneficial cooperation to win -Hin results, to promote the stable and solid development of bilateral ties.

Notice the uncertainties in the current international situation, Li said that China and the United Kingdom, both as the permanent members of the United Nations Security Council and the main ones Economies in the world, represent important forces to safeguard world peace, promote common development and defend the multilateral trading system.

A stable ratio of China-United Kingdom is propitious to maintain free trade and fair, promote global economic recovery, respond to global challenges and improve the welfare of The two towns, Li said.

"China is willing to consolidate mutual trust with the United Kingdom, along with mutual respect, seek to expand a common ground while the differences in shelf, deepen the Mutually beneficial cooperation for the results of win-win, build consensus and address divergences through the same dialogue, to promote healthy and stable development of bilateral ties, "said Li.

Calling humanity A community with a shared future, he said it is imperative that the international community improves solidarity and cooperation to guarantee definitive victory. About Covid-19. China has taken Vaccines Covid-19 as a global public good and participated in the cooperation related to the vaccine with several countries, Li said. "China is willing to continue strengthening communications with all parties, especially sharing achievements in scientific research, to accelerate progress towards defeating the pandemic," the prime minister added.

Notice that China grants great importance to responding to climate change, Li said that China's declared objectives of carbon emissions of their maximum point for 2030 and achieve Carbon neutrality in 2060 are the inevitable path to take in the process of modernization.

Li expressed China's will to further increase cooperation in clean energy and other sectors, and expand cooperation in green technology based on the protection of the Intellectual property, to respond together to climate change.

He said that the reform and opening is the basic national policy of China and will continue to advance without suggestion. The manufacturing industry of China has opened fully and the service industry is opening in an orderly manner, he added.

"In the process of formulating a new development paradigm, we will continue to dedicate ourselves to the creation of a market-oriented business environment, based on law and international, trying All kinds of market players, including foreign companies, and welcoming more foreign capital in China, "he said.

China also expects Britain to provide a fair, fair and non-discriminatory business environment for Chinese companies to invest in the country, Li said.

Notice that both China and Great Britain have a long history and a splendid culture, and that the exchanges between the peoples of the two countries have a long history, Li He said that both parties are expected to defend the concepts of mutual. Respect, Opening and tolerance, and inclusion, protects jointly. The diversity of human civilizations and promote the development of a colorful world civilization.

Li called all sectors of society in the two countries to strengthen exchanges and communication, increase consciousness. and understanding among peoples, and generate positive factors for the development of bilateral relations.


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