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A Chinese man has met with his son after a 24-year search he saw him travel to more than 500,000 km (310,000 MI) on a motorbike throughout the country.

The son of Guo Gangtang had been caught old aged by human traffickers in front of his house in Shandong province.

The disappearance of the son of him actually inspired a film in 2015, which starred in Hong Kong Andy Lau Superstar.

Child kidnappings are a big problem in China, with thousands of people taken every year.

According to China Ministry of Public Safety, the police could track the identity of the child using DNA tests. Two suspects were followed and arrested later, said a global Times report.

The suspects, who were leaving at the moment, had planned to kidnap a child with the intention of selling it for money, said China's news report.

After observing Mr. Guo who plays alone outside his house, the female suspect identified only for his last name Tang grabbed him and took him to the Bus station, where his partner, named as Hu, was waiting.

The couple then took an intercity coach to the neighboring province of Henan and sold the child there.

Local media reports say that Mr. Guo's son was found that he still lived in the province. image copyrightweiboimage captionmr guo has traveled through China in search of your child

Mr. Guo and his wife shouted and hugged his son when they met in Liaocheng, Shandong, Sunday, reported CCTV of state media.

"My baby, you came back!" The mother said, whose name was not released, in a video of the meeting.

"Now that the child has been found, everything can only be happy from now on.", Mr. Guo told reporters.

Mr. Lau, who met Mr. Guo while preparing to play it in the lost film and love, congratulated him.

"I would like to tell the brother of Him Guo to admire the persistence of him," he said, according to the southern morning post of China.

After his son was kidnapped in 1997, Mr. Guo traveled to more than 20 provinces throughout the country on the back of a motorcycle that pursues the gifts.

In the process, he broke the bones into traffic accidents and even found the road thieves. Ten motorcycles were also damaged.

leading to the banners with the image of the son of him, it is said that he has passed his saving savings on him, sleeping under bridges And asking for money when he ran out of cash.

He also became a prominent member of the organizations of people missing in China, and helped at least seven other parents. Meet with other parents with their kidnapped children.

In China, kidnapping and trafficking has been a problem for decades.

In 2015, it was estimated that 20,000 children were abducted each year in China. Many of them are sold in adoption, both nationally and abroad.


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