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    Students will not be allowed At school in September unless his entire family is totally vaccinated, some local governments in China have said.

    Several cities also said that people needed to be vaccinated to enter public places, such as hospitals and supermarkets.

    China joins others that include France and Greece, which have made mandatory jabs in some sectors.

    > China has established a national objective to inoculate 64% of its populatory. n at the end of the year.

    "Those who have not yet inoculated should hurry and shore up to avoid affecting their child's return to school," reads a notice published in the province of Guangxi earlier this week, adding that this decision applies to students of all ages.

    Local governments In other provinces, including Jiangxi and Henan, issued similar directives to say that only students whose families are vaccinated would be allowed to attend the new semester of autumn

    But the rules differ significantly from the region to the region.

    In the North Province of Hebei of Pingxiang, students between 12 and 17 years old will not be able to return to school unless they are completely vaccinated. It is not clear if this applies to students of other ages.

    Meanwhile, Hancheng in Shaanxi province said that unvaccinated people will not be allowed to visit hotels, restaurants and entertainment venues, among others.

    The deadlines differ in cities, but most of them have established a deadline at the end of July so that people receive their vaccines before strict measures .

    Advertisements have been complied with online contraction, and Internet users call them "unjust".

    "At the beginning, they said that vaccines were voluntary. It turns out that they are mandatory after all," a person wrote on the microblogging Weibo platform.

    China's main health authorities have said that while people to hit people should be encouraged, the decision will be left.

    However, they have also been said lower levels of government that prioritizes vaccination of as much people as possible.

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