Hefei, July 24 (Xinhua) - China will begin to set up another 16 regional health centers in 2021 to provide the public with easier access to quality medical services, according to the Official with the National Health Commission on Saturday.

In addition, the country will also boost the establishment of national medical centers and national research centers for clinical medicine, said Li Bin, Adjet Road of the Commission, in a Conference on the reform in medicine and the health care system held in Hefei, Anhui province of East China.

The effort is in line with the status council requirement to balance the distribution of medical resources and improve the system at diagnostic and treatment levels, transmitted in a Document published in May.

The main task of the reform in 14 The five-year period of the plan (2021-2025) is to ensure that patients receive support. ER Medical services without leaving their native regions of provincial level, and that a treatment can be provided for a minor disease at its door, Xu Shuqiang said another officer.

Previously, China had already established regional health centers in eight provinces. "Next year, regional health centers in China will basically cover all regions of provincial level," Xu added. EndItem

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