Tianjin, July 27 (Xinhua) - Chinese State Councilman and Foreign Minister Wang Yi on Tuesday celebrated conversations with Visitor Minister of Foreign Affairs of Mongol Batmunkh Battsetseg in the port city of Tianjin of North China.

Wang said that, given that the outbreak of Covid-19, China and Mongolia have been supported and helping each other, writing a new chapter of bilateral friendship.

Wang said that China is ready to continue providing Mongolia the help needed to combat the epidemic, strengthens cooperation with Mongolia in the fields of construction of mining, Energy, financing, agriculture, breeding and construction of infrastructure, and innovate new forms and contents of exchanges of people to people.

Battsetseg expressed the willingness to work with China to enrich the Integral Strategic Association between the two countries.

Following the talks, the two for the EIGN ministers jointly met the press, and two sides issued a joint declaration on the additional strengthening of anti-epidemic cooperation.

The two sides welcomed the joint report of WHO-China on the global tracking of the origins of Covid-19, underlining that the source layout is A scientific work and should not be politicized.

also called the WHO Secretariat to cooperate with Member States in accordance with the relevant resolutions of the World Health Assembly to promote origin tracking investigation global. EndItem


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