Rescuers participate in Flood relief work at WEIHUI, Henan Province, Monday. Provided to China Daily

At least 73 people have been killed due to heavy downpours and Floods in the province of Henan of Central China from noon on Wednesday, according to the last figures released by the provincial government.

More than 13.66 million people from 1,602 local towns have been affected by the Storm that began on July 16, and a total of 1.47 million people have been relocated, he said.

Disaster also affected more than 1.02 million. Hectares of crops, with almost 180,000 hectares eliminated. More than 17,000 houses collapsed and another 41,327 were severely damaged.

Rain and Flooding caused direct economic losses that reached more than 88.5 billion yuan ($ 13.6 billion) and the additional disaster situation is still under verification, he said.

Wu Shengjun, vicealcalde of the city of Xinxiang, said from July 17 to 22, the city experienced the heaviest Storm ever recorded, with an average precipitation of 830 millimeters and a maximum rainfall of 965.5 millimeters.

Floods have affected 2.3 million people in the 147 cities of the city, causing direct economic losses of 9.78 billion yuan, he said.

Weihui, a city at the county level under the administration of Xinxiang, was strongly affected. Water in the city of Weihui reached its maximum point to 20 million cubic meters, with 16 million cubic meters still standing. At noon, on Wednesday, almost 300,000 people in Weihui were affected, and the authorities have moved to 204,000 people, Wu said.

In response to the problem of Waterlogging in Weihui, the authorities excavated a ditch of drainage, water barriers built. , Increase the pumping equipment, and opened 10 drainage slaves to drain the water.

"We will do everything possible to solve the problem in Waterlogging at Weihui in three days," Wu added.

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