Malala says that girls 'education "is worth fighting for'

By Sean CoughlanBBC News Family and Education Correspondent Published 3 hours AgoshaRecloshae Pageecopy Linkabout SharingImage CopyrightGetty ImagesImage Captionmalala Yousafzai said the summit to improve education had to be a key part of the recovery of the pandemic

"The world faces a girls education crisis," with more than 130 million girls missing at school around the world, Malala Yousafzai has warned .

"Your future is worth fighting," said education activist at a global education summit in London.

she said that the recovery of the pandemic He had to mean a just access to education.

The Global Association for the Summit of Education wants to raise $ 5 billion (£ 3.6bn) to support education in some of the world's poorest countries .

Organized by the United Kingdom and Kenya, it will increase funds for the next five years, creating a total of 88 million schools and supporting the learning of 175 million children .

'Biggest Game-Changer'

The pandemic has exacerbated the problems they already face Schools in poorer countries, with warnings that children who were forced outside school due to Coronavirus could never return.

  • School help for Syrian children who know Warplanes and not to stores
  • pm engaged £ 430 million for girls' education in G7
  • government votan To reduce support abroad

    The United Kingdom has promised £ 430 million and other donor countries will be making promises, with approximately $ 4 billion (£ 2.9bn ) Of the total that is expected to be promised by on Thursday, as it is affirmed as the largest education fund collection event.

    Julia Gillard, former Australian Prime Minister and President of the Global Education Association, which distributes the financing of donor countries, trusted that $ 5 was raised one billion, but the different national budget cycles would mean that it would arrive at the stages.

    said the pandemic had interrupted education in all countries, but the impact of closing schools had been much worse in the poorest countries where many families lacked of access at home to Internet or electricity connections. image capture The summit wants to support the education of 175 million children in the poorest countries in the world

    Malala, a winner of the Nobel Prize in Pakistan, which has Campaign for women's education, said the summit of the importance of investing in education, particularly for girls who do not have opportunities "just because of their gender".

    "too many children around the world: girls in particular, they were already out of school before the pandemic." Said the first minister of the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson.

    "Allow them to learn and achieve their maximum potential is the biggest thing we can do to recover from this crisis," he said, urging the international community to contribute money.

    However, Mr. Johnson has faced criticism, including some of him own MPS, by pushing with a court in the aid budget Abroad from the United Kingdom.

    Gabriela Bucher, Executive Director of Oxfam, questioned the priorities of a world in which billionaires could compete in the launch of private spatial rockets while millions of children do not They can go to school.

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