Floods: The research Shows millions more at risk of flood

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  • COP26 Image Sourcegetty ImagesImage Captiona Man is rescued from recent floods in the center of China

    A new study Shows that the percentage of the global population at risk of flood has increased in almost a quarter since 2000.

    Satellite images were used to document the increase, which is much greater than expected by computer models.

    The analysis Shows that migration and a growing number of flood events are behind the rapid increase.

    By 2030, millions will experience an increase in floods due to climate change and demographic, the authors say.

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    Flooding is the environmental disaster that affects more people than any other, say researchers.

    that the view has echoed worldwide in recent weeks, with huge floods that destroy lives and properties. Image Sourcegetty ImagesImage CaptionThousands of people had to evacuate in China a As the floods rose after the storms and intense rain

    in Germany and China, record to overwhelmed downpaths, in the midst of arguments on the levels of preparation.

    One of the challenges with the flood One, according to the researchers, is that most of the maps where waters will probably penetrate are based on models.

    These simulate flooding based on information, such as elevation, rainfall and data from ground sensors.

    but they have limitations on permanents: do not consider changes of population or infrastructure and can not predict random events, such as violations of the prey.

    Then, when Hurricane Harvey hit Texas in 2017, around 80,000 homes were flooded that were not in government risk maps.

    In this new study, researchers analyzed daily satellite images to estimate both the expanse of floods and the number of people exposed to more than 900 flood events Big between 2000 and 2018. \ The number of people living in these flooded locations increased by 58-86 million.

    This represents an increase of 20-24% in the proportion of the world population exposed to flooding, about 10 times higher than previous estimates.

    The increase was not uniformly spread around the world. The countries with greater exposure to the flood were mainly in Asia and sub-Saharan Africa.

    In European and North American nations, the risk was stable or decreasing. .flourish-contemptiblesite: relative; Color: # 404040; Source-family: 'helmet', 'freesans', 'helvetica', 'arial', sans-serif; Font-weight: 400; Line tall: 1.4.Flourish-Embedposition: Relative

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    About 90% of flood events observed by scientists They were in South and S


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