A port worker who appears the result of YU whose result of the nucleic acid test was positive on Wednesday was confirmed that it was an asymptomatic carrier whose case is related to imported cases in Ningbo, Zhejiang province of East China, said a local official.

Li Chengjie, executive director of the Beilun District, Yu said, 34, has never left abroad and visited medium-sized domestic and high-risk areas for two weeks before it was proven positive for Novelecto Coronavirus on Wednesday.

"And she has not had contact with confirmed cases or asymptomatic carriers," Li said at a press conference on Ningbo on Wednesday.

YU, which is employed by a container company in the port, had a negative result in routine nucleic acid tests on Sunday. But the result of him came positive on Wednesday early in the morning when he returned to try the nucleic acid on Tuesday.

YU now has been sent to a designed hospital for a medical observation and an isolated treatment, he said.

Yu lives in the village of Baifeng in the Beilun district of Ningbo.

The close contacts of all YU have been quarantined and the relevant places in which YU and visited works have been necessary to cease the operation for disinfection.

and 245 of the 331 collected samples from the nearby contacts of YU have left negative starting on Wednesday night, Li said.

Zhang Nanfen, Director of the City Health Commission of Ningbo, said the relevant departments have been required to avoid any effort and introduce new effective measures to prevent and control imported cases of additional propagation in the city.

All new employees must show their negative results of the nucleic acid tests taken at 48 hours. Before they are allowed to start working, Zhang said.

A S on Tuesday, Ningbo had administered 13.52 million doses of vaccines, with more than 7.88 million residents who are over 18 years of age, having been vaccinated against Coronavirus with at least one dose.

And in the city of Zhoushan, 15 crews of a foreign shipowner came to the city at Wednesday night and prepared to replace the sailors infected on board.

On Monday night, 11 of the 16 sailors of a Panamanian boat that tried positive for the novel Coronavirus have been hospitalized for treatment in Zhoushan. Now they are in stable conditions in the rooms.

The Government of the city of Zhoushan has established a special working group to manage the matter and has initiated emergency procedures when it received reports from the sailors on board.

Nine sailors on board searched help when they developed a fever on August 3 when the ship entered the waters of Zhoushan. Sixteen sailors later proven positive for coronavirus.

The ship, which takes more than 42,000 tons of coal, has a total of 20 Chinese sailors on board.


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