again: the epic adventures of china errant elephants

By Tessa WongBBC News Posted9 Hours AgasosHareCloshare Pageecopy LinkBout Sharingimage Sourcegetty ImagesImage Caption Elephants have wandered hundreds of kilometers in Yunnan province

during the last 17 months, a herd of errant elephants in China has embarked on an adventure of mammoth proportions.

Now, after diverting hundreds of kilometers from your nature reserve, animals are on the final leg of your trip home, Chinese officials announced last week .

to break the houses of the villagers to give birth on the road, it has been an epic journey that could have been outside directly from the Lord of the Rings.

This is the story of how the community of the elephants traveled there and returned again.

Leaving the Shire

Hidden at the lower end of the southern province of Yunnan, The nature reserve of the nature of Xishuangbanna is located just on the border of Myanmar and Laos.

A lush tropical forest that extends by approximately 241,000 hectares, approximately once and average of the size of London, is the home of most Asian elephants in Extinction danger of Yunnan.

At some point on March 2020, a herd of around 14 elephants decided to leave this paradise of the jungle, heading north.

No one hit a eyelid at the beginning. It is known that wild elephants are known for wandering freely and regularly in the region, so that a city, Pu'er, even works "Elephant singers" to feed their great visitors.

Most do not divert a lot, and it is usually directed home after a while. But months after the herd left, the officials began to realize that this was not an ordinary trip.

This realization literally hit the house earlier this year when the reports of the elephants that crash. In the houses of people, betting on their crops, and shaking their water.

CCTV images of elephants that roam through the streets of several cities were also viral. Media capture Elephants have been filmed in several Chinese cities

now now experts are still disconcerted by their behavior.

But in an article that will be published soon in the conservation letters journal, a team of experts based in China led by Professor Ahimsa Campos-Arceiz Theorise That elephants on the left to find more food due to several reasons.

one is the growing population of elephants, and therefore greater competition for food. Thanks to the conservation efforts of Chinese authorities, the province has seen its population of elephants almost double in the last three decades to approximately 300.

" Now we have to deal with the consequences of this success, which is a true challenge because the elephants are running out of physical space to move without interacting with people, crops or infrastructure, "Prof Campos-Arceiz, a principal investigator in the Tropical Botanical Garden Xishuangbanna said to the BBC.

An extreme drought, which lasted a year to the heading of the elephants, also led food to be scarce.

Others have indicated that during the decades, deforestation and the invading to farmlan

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