Lhasa - Dawa Puncag dipped a poached shrimp at the salad dressing, wrapped it with crushed fries and formed it on a ball. Golden shrimp balls are a dish that the 18-year-old girl is the best in the kitchen.

DAWA Puncag is among the 39 students who specialize in the kitchen at the Nagchu vocational and technical school in the city of Nagchu, southwest of China. Autonomous region of Tibet.

Enrolling school last year, she has learned how to make different types of Chinese and Tibetan cuisine.

"I have planned to find a chef job after graduation and open a restaurant along with three of my classmates," said the 18-year-old man, from the municipality of Lhoma de Nagchu.

Through professional training, many Tibetan Young Young farmers and pastors, who are no longer tied to Earth thanks to modern agricultural teams, has chosen to pursue their own interests and guarantee jobs with greater income.

QIME LHAMO, Dean of the Kitchen Department, said the apartment in cooperation with a training institute in Lhasa sends students to the regional capital for two years of training.

The department was founded in 2015, and some of the first graduates now cook in railway companies or serve as instructors in other training centers.

Ding Tao, head of school school, said more than 260 school students have taken lessons at the couple of it. Schools in the provinces of Guangdong and Sichuan.

"On the one hand, they and local students can learn from each other; On the other hand, Young Tibetans can see a bigger world in cities. The experience will be useful for its growth," he said Ding.

Nagchu Vocational and technical school now has 11 higher, including livestock, veterinary medicine, Tibetan medicine, logistics, nursing and cooking. More than 4,000 students from across the city is currently studying at school.

To help with your job, the school has cooperated with Multiple companies, providing them with free space. Companies, including a restaurant and a part of a tailor, offer part. -Time of full time or full-time for students or graduates of the school.

Changchub Wangdu, the owner of the Tibetan Cuisine restaurant, said that the dining room hires five graduates of the school, including two that are trained as chefs. The internal chefs are paid 4,500 yuan per month.

"For those who perform well, I will duplicate their salaries, hiring them as head chefs."

The current main chef in Changchub Wangdu's The restaurant is Lhasa, winning 12,000 yuan per month.

"Local graduates will not only help reduce my hiring costs, but they are also more willing to stay," she said.

Baima Tsogyel, a first-year student of increasing 17 years in Nursing, has learned to bandage and give injections.

"I hope I can find a nursing job in a hospital in Nagchu," she said.

In the last three years, more than 70 percent of school graduates have found jobs or higher institutions for additional studies, according to him weibo, vice president of the school.

"Some of them have begun their own businesses, and they assured more jobs for our graduates," he said.

According to the regional government, Tibet has more than 10 public vocational institutions, with at least one in each area of ​​prefectural level. Private schools and universities are also mushrooms in the region to satisfy the growing demand for professional training.

DAWA CERING, Deputy Chief of the Department of Human Resources and Social Security of the Autonomous Region of Tibet, said the region has entered a new high-quality development phase, with the rapid development of several industries .

"Many companies are short of qualified talent, and it is necessary to cultivate qualified personnel that meets market demand," he said.

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