China's daily reporter, Jocelyn Eikenburg, traveled to the agricultural fields as part of his 10-day trip to Xinjiang, and discovered that reality was nothing like what he imagined.

of sitting on the driver's seat of a huge cotton harvester who can do the work of more than 800 people per day, to observe an automatic driving model in action, Eikenburg experienced the advanced industry and Automated has become.

But she also found a decidedly futuristic surprise that awaited him in the cotton fields.

Look how Tech has transformed agriculture into this episode in the series that Jocelyn's Jocelyn Journey Travel shows the real image of Xinjiang.

Reporter: Jocelyn Eikenburg

Photographers: Yin Weihao, Wei Xiaohao

Video Editor: Yin Weihao < P> Supervisors: Xin Dinging, Mao Weihua and Zhang Chunyan

Producer: Han Lei


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