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Maki Kaji, the Japanese man known as the "Sudoku Godfather," died at the age of 69 years.

Kaji gave the numbering his name after publishing it in his Nikoli magazine in the 1980s.

Since then, the popular game, which involves placing numbers 1 to 9 in each row, column and square of a grid of 9 by 9, has been extended all over the world.

Tournaments take place around the world and it is estimated that millions practice versions of the game each day.

on Monday Nikoli published a statement on his website that says Kaji had died at his house in Tokyo from bile duct cancer on August 10 2021.

Kaji was born in the Japanese north City of Sapporo in 1951.

after Leaving Keio University, Established Puzzle Nikoli magazine, which published its first edition in August 1980.

Sudoku's origins are not clear. Some credits the Swiss mathematician of the eighteenth century, the Euler, while others say he came to the Arab world of China through India in the 8th century or IV, according to the New York Times.

French newspapers published a series of early versions of the game at the end of the 19th century, including a so-called "Le Carré Magique Diabolique", or the Magic Evil Magic Square , Published by the France periodic in July 1895.

but the architect of the USA UU Howard Garns is often credited as the creator of the modern version of the puzzle in the 1970s, under the name number of place. It was this game that Kaji saw in 1984.

"was a very interesting, fun to solve puzzle," he said in a 2008 speech. < P Class = "SSRCSS-1Q0X1QG-paragraph EQ5iQO00"> "But the name, number number, did not hit me, I wanted to create a Japanese name".

Kaji landed in Suyi WA Dokushin or Kagiru, which means "numbers should be single".

pushed by colleagues to show up with a downtown name while running to reach a horse race, he said that he came up with the name Sudoku "in About 25 years. Seconds ".

The game became popular in Japan, but it only became a global phenomenon in 2004, after the London times published a puzzle.

Kaji did not mark the game, and did not have a financially won from its great success. But he said that the joy of the puzzle and others enjoying the game was more important than any monetary reward.

"I moved a lot when I see a new idea for a puzzle that has a lot of potential," he told the BBC in 2007.

"I'm really excited about it, it's like finding treasure".

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