The photo released on June 11, 2021 by the National Space Administration of China (CNSA) shows a Selfie of China's first Mars Rover Zhurong with a landing platform. [Foto / CNSA / Brochure through Xinhua]

China's Mars Rover Zhurong has survived his three-month life expectancy with all his predetermined predetermined tasks, according to the National Space Administration of China.

The administration announced on Tuesday, the robot of 1.85 meters high, which is now hundreds of millions of kilometers from the Earth, will continue to make an extended expedition towards an old coastal area of ​​Utopia Planitia, a great plain Inside the largest known impact basin on the Solar. System.

The 240 kilogram robot is the central component of the Tianwen 1 Mission, the country's first interplanetary adventure, and is also the sixth Rover in Mars, following five others launched by the United States.

Tianwen 1, which bears the name of an old Chinese poem, traveled more than 470 million kilometers and made several trajectory maneuvers before entering Mars's orbit on February 10. Zhurong touched the planet on May 15 and separated from its landing. Platform a week later.

At this point, Zhurong has obtained approximately 10 GB of primary data and has been moved about 900 meters.

According to Sun Zezhou, Head Designer Tianwen 1, the Rover will suspend its operations from mid-September at the end of October due to the early interruption of its communications with Earth caused by electromagnetic radiation Solar, and then it will resume its Mission.

Zhurong's success has marked the completion of all of the Tianwen Mission's objectives 1: Orbiting Mars for integral observation, landing on the planet and deploying a Rover to perform scientific operations, also doing That Tianwen 1 is the first Mars expedition to achieve the three objectives with a probe.

Tianwen 1 is the last example of China's rapid expansion presence in outer space, after a chain of recent achievements that include putting the first section of the country's permanent space station in orbit, returning back The first lunar samples to Earth in more than four decades. ND completing a satellite network of global navigation.

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