Tokyo Paralympics: ibrahim swimmer at Hussein From the Syrian Torn War by Nick HopeBBC Sport

The acute bell to the strident he could hear was broken by another person who destroys slightly. Then there was his leg. Something was not right and he could not feel his foot.

"At that time, I did not know if he was dead or alive," says Hussein now.

seconds before, he had gone to the ground to protect his friend from him, shot by a sniper of A close roof. It was 2012 and the Syrian War had been divided into the previous year.

The family of him had already fled from his home. In Deir Al-Zor on the Euphrates River, but the Hussein was forced to stay. Then, 23, he feared that he would be forced to the army, if he is captured and the rejection would have meant a certain death.

Everyday life was a trauma. The bombing had destroyed much of what he loved, while water and electricity were cut and no food supply could enter the city.

Those who remained a brotherhood. A few days felt that they were "trapped in tombs", but they kept a community together. They would die by each other, but they expected them to not have to do it. "They had heard the tank shell detonan and took me to safety."

The lower right leg of Al Hussein had been blown away and metal metretca was embedded in his nose , cheek and arm. The explosion had landed a few meters away from the place where he had come out to protect his friend, who survived.

With all public services ceased, a dentist had formed an improvised medical installation in a tent where he I could clean wounds. and manage some pain relief.

but there was no time to rest and there was no possibility of recovering here. Al Hussein knew that the salvage medical treatment he needed for his leg simply was not available in Syria.

he and some friends were born a plan to escape. They would try to reach neighboring Turkey, north, and they would cross through the river.

"We had to leave at night because we knew that the Syrian army was patrolling and the Turks would have armed forces. Also , "He recalls him. "We expected that the small boat would go unnoticed."

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