Beijing, August 25 (Xinhua): The Executive Meeting of the Council of State chaired by Prime Minister Li Keqiang on Wednesday adopted the scheme for the development of women in China (2021 -2030) and the scheme for the development of children in China (2021-2030), and required to improve support measures for three children's policy.

Gender equality and the integral development of women are important characteristics of social progress, and children represent the future of a country and the hope of a nation. The last years have seen remarkable achievements the country made in women and children's affairs.

"We must put high premiums at work related to women and children, since it is an important part of our unit of modernization and a symbol for social progress . The principle of gender equality and putting children first should be better manifested in social life, "Li said.

The two contours set objectives and measures in health, education, social security and well-being, family, environment, legislation and other areas, and did the following requirements. The basic state policy of gender equality must be delivered. The rights of equality of women to education, employment, initial companies and participation in decision-making and management must be protected. The same remuneration for men and women for work of equal value will be fully implemented. Public services that support the integral development of families and women will be expanded, and the Social Security System improved to meet the special needs of women. Basic support and women's services facing difficulties will be strengthened and the legal system will protect women's rights and interests.

"There must be institutional agreements to protect the rights of women and interest. The competent departments must provide support," Li said. The two contours highlight the need to first defend the principle of putting children. Greater emphasis should be given to the integral protection of children in the family, school, society and Internet levels. Compulsory education will continue to be the main priority of educational investment. The well-rounded development of children in terms of moral ground, intellectual and physical ability, aesthetic sensitivity and work skills will be promoted.

The health services system for children should be improved to ensure the safety of food and products for children. The rights of survival, development and safety, and the interests of orphans, unattended children, children with disabilities and homeless children must be protected. Greater care and protection will be extended to children behind the children of migrant workers, and the intimidation of the school must be prevented and treated effectively.

"There are 250 million children in China. Its healthy development is of vital importance for families and all society," said Li. "We must focus our efforts to address the prominent problems that restrict the development of women and children's affairs." "

The two schemes urged urged the update of the support measures in the execution of the three -policies the maternity leave and the delivery allocation will be implemented, and the parental leave will be explored. Public-benefit care services will be developed with the support of the communities. Expenses for children's services and child care for children under 3 will be eligible to detect additional tax deductions for tax A The individual income. Housing and other support policies will be strengthened. Multiple measures will be taken to lighten the family burden on child bearing, child care and early childhood education.

" Support measures for three-child policy should be carefully studied, to constantly optimize the demographic mixture and breed the education of people

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