My search for a teaching job in China began fighting through the email scores of recruiters and schools. From my country of origin from England, I sent my CV to hundreds of potential employers and received a giant series of emails in response. This was not because it was a world-class educator, but because there are a lot of options for those looking for teaching jobs in China. According to what makes an informed decision can be difficult, therefore, I bring you the three most important things to consider before taking a teaching job in China.

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I found my first job through a recruiter through a process that was fast, soft and remarkably easy, but I really did not know in What was I getting into? After a few days, I realized that my new life was going to be a great challenge.

The biggest lesson I learned from my experiences when I first arrived in China and my later years living here is that to get the right job, it is vital to know why it comes, where to "live and in what kind of institution you are entering. Normally, you can decipher this code with a bit of understanding of the following three considerations.


While I am looking for a teaching job in China from far away in England , I fell into a trap that tends innumerable other novices. In my mind, China was a homogeneous block of mystery and possible adventures, so I simply looked for "teaching job in China." I could not understand that as in the kingdom United, the teaching positions are offered here vary widely depending on where you are in the country. Just because they offered me what looked like a good job, it did not mean that the location was correct for me.

back at the beginning of the doca Da of 2000 When I began to teach in China, I took a job on DawuFeng, small industrial hovel (and I do not use this word slightly) at about an hour from Tianjin. I found myself as the only English speaker in the city and at least an hour of distance from the next expatriate.

While this can be the ideal situation for some, for me it was a great challenge and a barrier to happiness. Had he done a little more research at the location, he probably would not have taken the job in the first place?

Public sector

Although my social life was less than ideal, the struggles I faced in this aspect of my life were nothing compared to those I found in real work . I taught both public primary and high schools, where classes were formed by more than 40 students.

In elementary school, I had an assistant who spoke some English, but in high school was completely on my own. Even Chinese teachers who were assigned to teach English could only handle the absolute basic concepts, which I guess that is why they needed me in the first place. The whole situation let me feel overwhelmed and, sometimes, desperately unhappy.

Stories like mine are common among foreign teachers working at China's public schools and universities, especially in less developed places. But it's not all doom and bell. The work on Dawufeng was clearly not adequate for me, but that does not mean that there would be better for another foreign teacher. Perhaps one with more patience, one who enjoyed his own company himself, or one of those types that thrive when they come out of their comfort zones.

There are two basic things to consider before taking a job at a public school in China: holidays and salaries. Salaries in public schools tend to be quite modest, especially in cities of second and third level or very rural locations. Universities generally pay a little more than schools, and both often provide apartments as part of any package, which releases a large part of their income. Also remember that if you are in a less developed place, the cost of living will be less.

The FLIP side of the modest salaries is that the holidays offered in China Public Schools are U


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