Beijing, Aug 28 (Xinhua) - The United States is performing its old trick again for the release of the so-called Summary of the Evaluation of the Intelligence Community on Covid-19 Origins , Under the illusion that it can hinder China politicizing Covid-19 layout sources

. The summary, published by the Office of the National Intelligence Director of the United States on Friday, does not rule either natural exposure or a laboratory accident, and shamelessly claims that China "continues to hinder worldwide research, resist sharing information and blaming other countries".

Obviously, the "report" cover for the United States intelligence services is not scientifically credible. . As a matter of science, tracing origins should and can only be left in the hands of scientists, not the intelligence experts

The affirmation of the lack of transparency by part China is only an excuse for the politicization of the United States and the stigmatizing campaign. China has taken an open, transparent and responsible attitude since Covid-19 cases were reported in the city of Wuhan

. As the first to cooperate with the World Health Organization (WHO) on Global Setting Origins, China has invited WHO experts to carry out research twice in the country. The opening and transparency of China has shown have earned the full recognition of international experts

. The joint study report of WHO scientists and China, which was launched earlier this year after two joint study missions in the country, has come to the conclusion that the introduction through a laboratory accident in Wuhan is "extremely improbable". The United States, however, has chosen to ignore this finding

. "Report" of the United States Intelligence Community is based on a guilty presumption by China, the head search of Turkish China for the fact that the American Party to effectively protect its citizens that the virus

. With its rich medical resources, the United States has, however, registered as many infections and death cases by Covid-19 around the world

. The American Party has been waiving the origins of the virus at home and closing the door to that possibility. If the US part insists on laboratory leakage theory, WHO experts should be invited to investigate Biolaboratory Military Fort Detrick

. If the United States side is "transparent and responsible", you must publicly make the data of your first cases and examine it to find out what happened on your grass first, instead of continuously sludge mud in others < P Style = 'Margin: 0PX 3PX 15px'> China is a clear position on the world-drawn origins: it is a matter of science. And any pressure attempt by China politicizing Covid-19 traced origins is condemned to failure. End


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