Beijing, August 28 (Xinhua) - China strongly opposes the report on the Origins of Covid-19 of the US intelligence community. UU and has made strong representations With the United States, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Ma Zhaoxu said on Saturday.

"is a mendic report composed for political purposes. There is no scientific basis or credibility in it," she said.

MA reiterated China's position that tracking the Origins of Covid-19 is a complex theme of science that should and can only be done by scientists from everything The world through joint research.

The United States, however, ignore science and facts. Instead, it is obsessed with political manipulation and tracking of Origins by the intelligence community. Without providing any evidence, the United States has cooked a story after another to defame and accuse China. The objective is to use the Origins that are touched to blame China to China and spread the political virus, Ma.

"The implementation of the intelligence community in the origin layout is itself. A convincing evidence of the politicization of the issue," she said.

Attempts from the United States of politicizing the tRacing of Origins have not found support and met with the widespread opposition of the international opposition, according to MA.

More than 80 countries have written to the General Director of WHO, declared issued, or sent diplomatic notes to express his objection to politicization attempts. and call the joint report of the WHO-China joint study team that will be confirmed.

More than 300 political parties, social organizations and Think Tanks from more than 100 countries and the regions have submitted a joint statement to the WHO Secretariat by opposing the Politization of the Origins T Racing, said Ma, said he added that more than 25 million Chinese Internet users have signed an open letter requesting a consultation at the Fort Detrick base.

The United States has refused to respond to the reasonable doubts of the international community in the Fort of Detrick Biolab and the more than 200 bases abroad for experiments Biological, trying to cover up the truth and avoid being responsible, Ma.

"The ONUS is in the United States to give you an answer to the world," she said.

Ma urged the United States to stop doing anything that sees the environment for international cooperation on the Origins raised or undermine global solidarity against pandemic , and returns to the correct path of the Origins based on science and cooperation in front of the pandemic. EndItem

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