People are aligned for Vaccination of Covid-19 at a community vaccination center in Hong Kong, February 26, 2021. [Photo / Xinhua]

Hong Kong - Half of the eligible population of Hong Kong has taken both Photos of the Covid-19 the vaccine as the Chinese financial concentrator is running to build enough immunity for the herd in the middle of the furious pandemic throughout the world.

Around 3.37 million Hong Kong residents have been fully vaccinated under a government inoculation program at the end of February of this year, while more than 4.09 million people have received their first shot.

Meanwhile, the Hong Kong Health Protection Center reported three new cases imported from Covid-19 on Monday, taking TALLY total at 12,110.

A total of 74 cases have been reported in the last 14 days, including a local case without crawling, with the imported rest, according to the center.

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Image of Enhanced BeiDou short message service displayed at int'l summit
Enhanced BeiDou short message service displayed at int'l summit

Changsha, September 16 (Xinhua): An improved version of Beidou Short Message Service was shown at the first International Satellite Satellite Summit

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