Guangzhou, August 30 (Xinhua) - Fifty-eight tombs and artifacts of the pre-Qin period (before 221 BC) have been unearthed from a site in Guangzhou, provincial capital of Guangdong from South China.

According to the Municipal Institute of Cultural Heritage and Archeology of Guangzhou, more than 200 tombs, wells and wineries have been cleaned on the Lanyuanling site at the Guangzhou District Huangpu .

The institute said that the remains go back to two periods: the late neolithic age to the primitive Shang dynasty (1600-1046 BC), and from the west. Zhou Dynasty (1046-771 BC) to the spring and autumn period (770-476 BC).

Excavation work started in June and has covered some 2,000 square meters. . More than 160 pieces and sets of clay, proto-porcelain and merchandise made of bronze, jade and stone have been unearthed, including a well-preserved jade bracelet, according to the institute.

Zhang Qianglu, deputy head of the institute, said the new discoveries will help rebuild the early history of the Northeast region of Guangzhou.

They are also an additional test that the area was important for the development of early civilization in the Pearl River Delta in South China, Zhang added. EndItem

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