Beijing, August (Xinhua) 31: China will take measures to prevent large-scale demolition of buildings for improving cities, urban planning authorities of the country said.

The country will avoid tearing up existing buildings on a large scale unless those buildings are illegal or designated as hazardous by professional agencies, while the historic buildings should be preserved said Huang Yan, deputy minister of housing and urban-rural development, in a press conference.

Huang said, while many local governments have begun to policies introduced for urban renewal in line with the agenda of the central government, some plans seemed to have run against original intent, such as demolishing villages and ancient districts or cut old trees on a large scale.

All localities should plan carefully their progress urban renewal AMS, taking into account the situation of each city and avoiding an increase in hidden debts to local governments, Huang said, citing a notice issued by the Ministry on Tuesday banning mass demolitions for urban renewal projects.

After decades of rapid development, China's urbanization has entered a new phase of development, the urbanization rate in more than 60 percent.

During this new stage of development of the city should focus on optimizing the structure, improve the functions and improve quality, Huang said, adding that the renewal programs urban are in line with the target and included in the official plan of the country for the next five years.

The Ministry will continue to explore new ways to achieve urban renewal and carry out pilot programs in an orderly manner, Huang said. EndItem

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