The younger generation seems to be openly mind on the issue of aesthetic surgery and non-invasive facial treatments.

In October, Soyung, a platform that has almost 9 million active monthly users and provides information and reservation. Services for the consultation and beauty services, reported that 59 percent of its visitors is 25 years old or younger.

People born after 1990 have become the main consumers of anti-aging facials and oral health procedures, said: Add that 92.6 percent of those who use the platform in relation to services of Oral health is from 14 to 30 years.

yao yao, a doctor in the Department of Plastic Surgery at Nanfang Hospital, the South Medical University in Guangzhou, capital of Guangdong Province, said the high season of the department usually occurs during the summer, generally From June to August. Most customers are university students or young People who have just taken the national examination of admission to the university.

"those born after 1990 or 2000 are more open for aesthetic surgery, and enjoy sharing the experience with friends or online, instead of feeling ashamed of it," he said, added that the department You can receive more than 40,000 visitors per year.

"We are a regular hospital without any commercial promotion, but we are still popular. The sector has seen a fairly broad increase (in customer numbers). Usually, we receive young People who take the exam From admission to the university in June, accompanied by their parents. If children are minor (under 18), we will ask you to think again. "

he said it is understandable that People, especially Women, are establishing higher standards for their appearance because society is harmed towards those with beautiful faces.

", but you need to keep several key points in mind before having these outfit surgeries. They include the qualifications of the Institute, the Standard and Team, and, of course, their own wallet", said.

"Said Surgery is very expensive, so it is essential to take its financial situation into consideration."

However, experts say that legal supervision to limit the number of minors who have aesthetic surgery remains inadequate.

Last year, a state-level regulation was enacted that stipulates that centers should not perform aesthetic surgery in minors without the consent of their guardian.

In addition, in 2014, Guangzhou authorities issued a local regulation that prohibited beauty clinics by providing such surgery or treatments to minors if the procedure is not medically necessary.

However, some private beauty institutes take advantage of the policies' gaps to attract minors to have beauty treatments, according to Yao.

In a recent interview with legal diary, Liu Xin, director of the doctor. Law Research Center and Ethics in China Unive Rsity of Political Science and Law in Beijing, surveillance said because some guardians cover their power by allowing minors to have cosmetic procedures.

He pointed out that the guardians are responsible for protecting the rights of children and also to weigh. The pros and cons of any act that can directly affect the child's safety, such as aesthetic surgery, instead of simply signing an agreement form.

yao said: "All surgical procedures have risks. For some private beauty clinics, the realization of aesthetic surgery is part of your business because your main focus is to earn money.

"Therefore, it is necessary (for potential patients) to learn more about them before making any decisions."

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