Hong Kong, September 2 (Xinhua): The Ministry of Commerce and the Government of the Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong (HUNSR) signed a cooperation memo to promote high quality Development of areas of economic and commercial cooperation abroad on Wednesday at the sixth belt and the top of the road.

Denis Yip Shing-Fai, Commissioner for Belt and Trade Highway and Economic Development Office of the Government of HKSAR, said the memorandum provides a solid policy base To promote exchanges and cooperation between the Continental and Hong Kong region in areas of cooperation and helps Hong Kong companies that explore the belt and the road market.

Exchanges and cooperation

The signing of the Memorandum will allow Hong Kong to use the areas of economic and commercial cooperation abroad as a platform to participate deeply in the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and exchange of exchanges and cooperation with other countries and regions.

With the spread of the novel Variant of Coronavirus, the Covid-19 pandemia has been warming up again in many economies recently, adding uncertainty to the global economic perspective.

According to the latest statistics published by the Government Census and Statistics Department of the Government, the value of the total export of goods of the three-month period that ends 2021 July decreased by 2.0 percent of the three months prior to the seasonally adjusted base.

The industry is concerned about the possible negative impact of logistics problems in the coming months, and experts also think that the situation is not optimistic.

In June, belt and the H $ Government Road Office coated two web seminars with the Commercial Office of the Economic Affairs Department of the Office of Liaison of the central popular government in Hsar, introducing the Hong Kong business community, five areas of cooperation located in Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand, respectively, Yip said.

Common development

The memorandum will help the continental and Hong Kong draw on the strengths of each one, greater anticipated cooperation between the continent, Hong Kong and the countries along the belt and the road, and achieve the common development for all.

In recent years, the continent and Hong Kong have carried out fruitful cooperation in the construction of areas of economic and commercial cooperation abroad, and the Cooperation zones jointly have become a consensus.

Danny Lau, Honorary President of the Hong Kong Small and Medium Enterprises Association, said that the company had deployed new production lines in Cambodia and Thailand in 2019, But they were archived due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

"Setting up your own factories in the Asian Country Association (ASEAN)" is a bit like doing it alone, and it is difficult for the local government to offer many preferential policies For an individual factory, "said Lau." I hope, after the signing of the memorandum, it will be easier for Hong Kong companies. "" The signature of the Memorandum can provide guidance and warranty of policy service for relevant companies to better participate in the construction of cooperation zones and reduce the blindness and investment risks, Guo Wanda, Executive Vice President of the China Development Institute.

The advantages of HK

The memorandum will advance further economic and commercial cooperation between the continent and the Hong

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