TCS: The largest private employer in India returns to Office

by Nikhil InamdarBBC Business Correspondent, Mumbai Published 1 Day AgoshaReclosHare Pageecopy Linkabout SharingImage SourcegettyTTTY ImagesImage Captionhybrid or Flexible Working Models are here to stay

Now, after 18 months of remote work, the largest private employer in the country is preparing to return to the office. It is time to "replenish" the social capital that encourages an office environment, said Operating Director NG Subramaniam to the BBC.

90% of the company's personnel in India have received at least one dose of the Vaccine Covid so far. The Vaccine Unit of India has been collected in the last month, half of the eligible population of the country has been partially vaccinated.

"Comments on arches we have is that around 50% of people feel that they can get to work," said Subramaniam.

As COVID cases fallen and restrictions, several important IT companies, including Infosys and Wipro, expect to take employees to the office. Not everyone know how this will be developed.

But, TCS plans to request 80-90% of their return, at least initially, before changing to a hybrid work model, under which Only 25% of your staff will work from the fee for 2025.

  • is the great technology that goes to remote work.

    Muchi will depend on whether India sees a third wave Covid. But one thing is clear: Hybrid or flexible work models are here to stay. It remains a loose term defined that companies can be adapted to adapt to their requirements, but may allow people to work from different locations and even at different times.

    This will have powerful consequences, not only for IT companies in India, but also to the industries that support them, from real estate to hospitality .

    The knock-on effect

    India's IT industry uses a quarter From 12-13 million people in the organized private workforce. And it has been an engine for economic growth in cities such as Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Pune, where TCS, Infosys, Wipro and others have built enormous campuses for their offices.

    TCS only has offices in 250 places covering 50 countries. The company says that it is still to explore the logistics of hybrid work - what happens to its physical assets such as office buildings, or it will be, like Google, introduce salary cuts for the staff that opt ​​for work from home permanently. Image Sourcegetty ImagesImage CapTitionindian IT companies as Infosys have built campus in the main cities

    but possible remote work has a serious risk for companies as a business Commercial real estate.

    The IT services sector represents 40% of the lease agreements of the India Office, and the remote work trend will lead to a fall in The demand for a new commercial space. Analytical company Comments and research from India.

    Although few companies have canceled their lease contracts, demand or the new office space is likely to be 40% below of pre-pandemic levels as companies evaluate. its long term

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