by Xinhua Writers Tao Fangwei, GU YU and XU SHEng

Urumqi, September 5 (Xinhua) - The Highest temperature in the city of Wupu of the Autonomous Region of Xinjiang Uygur from China has exceeded 30 degrees Celsius recently, but the warm climate can not stop the roar of motorcycles divided into the ear in the Gobi desert.

"If you do not practice daily, you will get rusty and you will never have an opportunity to win," said Zaker Yakp, a motorcyclist of Wupu Dahaidao racing team that improved the Best result from China in the Dakar rally at 33rd-place earlier this year.

With 11 kilograms of equipment on your back, the corridor looked excited. "Every day, I hope to practice, it's like an addiction," he said.

Before your apprentices appeared, Zaker mounted in the desert in a gallop. Without regarding the dust behind him.

Zaker was born and raised in the city of Wupu, after which was called the "Racing Wupu Dahaidao".

Located in the heart of Yardang land shape in Xinjiang, Wupu can be one of the most appropriate places in the world to mount motorcycles.

A natural training terrain, Wupu Connecting Hami and Dunhuang City is not far from Lop Nur and used to sit on the main commercial route of the old route of silk.

Nature has carved all the necessary land for motorcycle races through the country here, that is why it has been selected as the rally race track of Taklimakan During many times.

"I like motorcycles, I know why it gives me the opportunity to pursue my dreams," said Zaker, who has loved motorcycles since childhood and began to compete in rallies of motorcycle at the age of 19 years.

It finished in second place twice in 2010 and 2015 and the third in 2019 in China's most challenging race, the rally 'around Taklimakan'. So far, he has won more than 30 medals in motorcycle rallies.

Unlike many other motorcyclists, Zaker has never received professional training or coaches or teachers, and he can not only run motorcycles, but also make trick trick.

"At that time, we could not even allow us to maintain motorcycles, not to mention buying new bicycles," Zaker said, remembering the memory of his career primary career. motorcycling.

But with the help that accumulates all the areas of life, the "King of the Wupu motorcycle", who could only have practiced in the Gobi desert Now it has a special training base, a strong and reliable sponsor and its own team.

"From the beginning of my career, I have received the help of many people on the road. It is with your support that I can continue chasing my dreams," he said.

As Motorcycling, more and more pop-up music is increasing, Zaker has become an idol for many local young people.

To promote professional and large-scale professional development, the local government not only started a motorcycle sports course at Hami City Sports School, but also configured A training base in Wupu.

"Now I have six apprentices, and I want to help more" capable and ambitious, young motorcyclists make their dreams so they can win glory for our country, "Zaker said, who trains in his free time. Enditem


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