The aerial photo taken in early September shows the terraces of the golden brilliant rice fields in the village of Cuiwei, Longli County of Southwestern Guizhou province. [Photo of Long Yi / for]

September is the beginning of the harvest season. Golden bright rice fields mature, emit the fragrance of rice in the Cuiwei village of Longli County, Guizhou province, and you will see a harvest of bumper in swirls of semi-detached rice.

Guizhou of Southwest China, which are formed by vestiges of ancient eroded seabed. It is incredible to see the palette of nature has performed its miracles and sprayed a wide range of tones in those rice fields in the form of serpentine.

The local government has made efforts to develop the local rice that relies on a good ecological environment. This year, they planted around 2,400 hectares of rice, which is expected to give 12.6 million kilograms of rice with a production value of 30 million yuan ($ 4.64 million), according to local authorities.

In addition to the harvest rice, they also guided farmers to assign 366.67 hectares of rice fields for large-scale fish farming. The estimated output value is more than 4.5 million yuan, which helps farmers increase their income.

Wang Jin contributed to this story.


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