Hong Kong, September 14 (Xinhua) - The Hong Kong Commercial Development Council (HKTDC) announced on Tuesday that Hong Kong's export rate for the third quarter of this Year fell 9.7 points. at 39.0, after rising during five consecutive quarters.

The last results of the survey indicate perceived uncertainties on the performance of Hong Kong exports in the coming months, especially during the traditional Maximum Christmas season. According to the HKTDC.

HKTDC Nicholas Kwan Research Director said that business confidence in exports from Hong Kong in Short Term has been undermined by continuous uncertainties on the Covid-19 pandemic and Chain transport costs.

Kwan said that the main observed issues that affect the performance of Hong Kong exports over the next six months continued to be the pandemic and softener of global demand.

However, the south Vey showed that some Hong Kong signatures believed that the pandemic had positively affected his business, which had benefited from a greater demand for products , especially in the electronics and toys industries. As for markets, exporters showed the greatest confidence in Japan and the Chinese continent, according to the survey.

Despite its negative impact on the global economy, the pandemic has accelerated. The development of intelligent health, creating new business opportunities. Hong Kong's medical and medical care sectors are presented with new opportunities due to close links between local and continental health care markets, the HKTDC said.

The HKTDC performs the Export Index Survey every quarter, interviewing 500 Hong Kong exporters of six main industries, including machinery, electronics, jewelry, watches and watches, Toys and clothes, to measure business confidence in short-term export prospects. The index indicates an optimistic or pessimistic perspective, with 50 points as the dividing line. Enditem follow by China.org.cn on Twitter and Facebook to join the conversation. Download applications from ChinaNews

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