Changsha, September 16 (Xinhua): An improved version of Beidou Short Message Service was shown at the first International Satellite Satellite Summit of Beidou (BDS) Applications held in Changsha , Hunan Central Province, Thursday.

The new technology allows bidirectional communication on mobile phones in areas not covered by ordinary mobile communication signals or when the base stations are damaged, which shows useful during the Earthquake relief, sea fisheries and emergency communication.

"The short message service needed a larger satellite terminal such as the maritime satellite telephone. But the lowest version of the energy consumption feature allows That mobile phones send emergency messages through Beidou satellites even without mobile communication signs on land, "said Li Jingyuan, director of the Beidou short messages on the National Technology of the University of Defense (NUDT).

"The information transmission rate of the improved version has increased 10 times, which means that the images and voice messages can be sent quickly," he added Li. At the Summit, NUDT, the People's Government of Hunan and China Electronics Corporation signed an industrial cooperation agreement to further expand the short message service to satellite users Low orbit, and make the service a role on the global Internet satellite of things, rescue of international life, global emergency communication and other industrial applications. EndItem


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