Hong Kong, September 16 (Xinhua) - The central authorities and Hong Kong present eight new favorable policies designed to help work better and better study the village of Hong Kong online Online and on-line conferences on Thursday.

Policies cover Multiple areas, including internship programs, scholarships and Hong Kong participation in national technology and innovation competitions, as well as support for Hong Kong's young people doing innovations and establishing business.

At an online conference, an official of the All-China Youth Federation (ACYF) elaborated on the new measures, which, hopefully, will facilitate That the young people of Hong Kong develop in the continent, promote juvenile exchanges between the two sides and improve the national identity of Hong Kong Youngster.

More than 150 young representatives of Hong Kong from several sectors joined the ventilation and discussed how favorable measures will help young people from Hong Kong in the Development of your careers on the continent.

The event was broadcast live through the Social Media Account of Hong Kong United Youth Association (HKUYA).

The event was organized by the Hong Kong Affairs Office and Macao of the State Council, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, the ACYF, the Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong (HKSAR) Government, the Liaison Office of the central Popular Government in the Hsar, and the Hkuya. The central authorities have implemented a matrix of support measures for Hong Kong, which encompasses trade, finance, culture, the development of young people and other areas, In the framework of 14 of five years (2021-2025) for national socioeconomic development in an effort to improve well-being. Be of Hong Kong residents. EndItem


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