Harbin, September 17 (Xinhua) - Harbin Electric Corporation, a leading Chinese electric machinery manufacturer in the province of Heilongjiang from Northeast China, provided avant-garde energy generation units For the Baihetan hydroelectric station, the largest in the world under construction.

In June, the Baihetan hydroelectric station on the Jinsha River, the upper section of the Yangtze River, was officially operative in southwestern China, with two generating units in operation .

With a total installed capacity of 16 million kilowatts, the hydroelectric station is equipped with 16 hydroelectric generation units, each with a capacity of 1 million kilowatts , the greater capacity of units of a single unit worldwide.

Harbin Electric Corporation has achieved many world-class technological advances to build the generating units with a single largest unit in the world, said Liu Qingyong, assistant of Gen Manager of Eral of Harbin Electric.

To accelerate the revitalization of the Rustbelt Northeast region of the country, companies need to accelerate the rhythm of innovation and transform the development mode, Liu said in the Annual Conference of Employers of the Island Sun 2021, in Harbin, capital of the province of Heilongjiang, from Wednesday to Friday.

like an old industrial base, northeast of China - Liaoning, the provinces of Jilin and Heilongjiang, have struggled to grow following The decrease in its traditional heavy industries.

In recent years, with a series of national policies to accelerate the revitalization of the former industrial base, the region has had a new perspective of development.

In the first eight months of this year, Carmaker China leader Faw Group Co., Ltd. In the province of Jilin, he sold more than 2.38 million vehicles, an increase of 5.2 percent, year after year.

Quan Huaqiang, the FAW group's accounting manager, said the company, with a research team of more than 4,000 people, is working hard to face several Technological bottlenecks. It is likely that your Hongqi brand will launch 20 new products for 2025. Ouyang Zhongcan, an academic with the Chinese Science Academy, believes that the abundance of intellectual reserves is Different advantage of the northeast of China.

The provinces of the northeast of China are home to many universities, especially in the fields of science and technology.

In the future, the region can take advantage of its rich scientific and technological resources and focus on intelligent manufacturing, the creation of vehicle networks and intelligent agriculture, Ouyang said .

Zhang Yiqian, Vice President of Cedar Holdings, believes that companies in northeastern China should try to achieve key technological advances through continuous innovation to survive the Competition and catch up with their rivals of better performance.

To promote innovation, Heilongjiang P Rovince has made great efforts to improve its business environment.

In the first half of this year, the investment of high-tech manufacturing in Heilongjiang increased by 41.3 percent year after year. He arrived after the province implemented an action plan to add more than 600 high-tech companies annually in the next three years to accelerate the new development of the growth driver. Enditem follow by China.org.cn on Twitter and Facebook to join the conversation. Download applications from ChinaNews

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