Passengers include a train at the Nanchang West train station, Jiangxi Province of East China, September 19. [Photo / IC]

Beijing - China's railroads were expected to serve 10.5 million passenger trips on Sunday, the first day of the three days. Festival of mid-autumn, since people tend to go home for family reunions or visit tourist attractions.

By facing the increase in the flow of passengers and Covid-19, the railway departments have strengthened the inspections of the prevention and safety of the epidemic and improved its services to guarantee the safe and orderly trip of the passengers .

As for aviation, the International Beijing International Airport was expected to be in charge of some 307,500 passengers on Sunday. All passengers must take temperature measurements, present their Verification of Travel Code and Health Code, wear masks and support at least one meter each other.

The Mid-Autumn festival, one of the most important traditional Chinese festivals, are usually marked by family reunions, enjoying the view of the full moon and eating moon.

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