Jinan, September 19 (Xinhua) - Do not be surprised to listen to the lively electric guitars songs when you step on a foot in Tangwu, a small town in the province of Shandong of East China that once it was based on the cultivation of corn and wheat.

For almost three decades, the sound of guitars has continued reverberated in this city.

Advertising of advertising fences of guitar manufacturers, guitar concert posters and guitar sculptures ... Images of guitars virtually roaring everywhere in Tangwu.

The link of the municipality with guitars can be traced at the beginning of the seventies. To embrace a more diversified economy, Changle County, who administered Tangwu, had established a plant, mainly producing traditional Chinese musical instruments, said Zhou Bopeng, director of Tangwu's economic and commercial office.

However, few clients could pay musical instruments at a time when people did not even have enough to eat, Zhou recalled.

A change arrived in 1991 when a commercial fair was performed in the city of Qingdao, Shandong Province. The distributors of the Republic of Korea (ROK) were attracted by the musical instruments of the plant, which paved the way for the establishment of a joint venture in the county to manufacture guitars. More than 30 local people applied for learning advanced guitar manufacturing skills in ROK.

"Farmers without music training have grown gradually in the main guitar manufacturers after they returned from Rok many even began their own businesses later, increasing development From the local guitar industry, "Zhou said. Zhang Jianjun, General Manager of the Changyunda musical instrument company, is a story of this type of success. The company of it produces around 10,000 electric guitars each month. It only takes a week to transform a piece of session into a guitar through the set efforts of machines and workers, he said.

Currently, Tangwu has almost 100 manufacturers and musical instrument suppliers, and produces around 800,000 electric guitars annually, with a production value of more than 1 billion of Yuan (around 155 million US dollars). Its products have been exported to more than 30 countries and regions, including the United States and Australia.

With Internet penetration, more and more local companies have begun to venture into the e-commerce sector.

There are more than 160 online stores in Tangwu who sell musical instruments, generating annual sales of 200 million yuan and the number of electricity. The guitars exported through the cross-border e-commerce accounts for one third of the total of the country, said Li Huabo, head of the head of the County County E-Commerce Trade Association.

The power of the music has been extended far beyond the economy and penetrated in all corners of the city.

At the Central Primary School of Tangwu, each class offers a guitar lesson each week and the school's guitar room is open to students along of the year.

People who make GU LOS ITARS To live now have led to play guitars. In the factory of the manufacturing company of musical instruments of the factory of the factory, its general manager Liu di has established a stage.

The 39-year-old offers free guitar classes to the workers and children of him. "In Tangwu, every guitar enthusiast has the opportunity to be the protagonist in our own stage," Liu said. EndItem

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