Beijing, September 20 (Xinhua) - The Universal Beijing Resort, currently the largest scale around the world, open to the public on Monday, which coincided with the Mid Festival of autumn this year. Holidays from September 19 to 21.

"I'm so excited to see Optimus Prime. He brought childhood," said Wu Siyuan, one of the first. Lot of tourists on the opening day.

The complex, which includes 4 km square, includes the highly anticipated Universal Theme Park Studios Beijing, the Universal Citywalk, and two hotels. He is committed to giving tourists an immersive visiting experience, with seven thematic lands covering 37 recreational facilities and historical attractions, as well as 24 entertainment shows.

Located in the Tongzhou district of Beijing. , where you feel the Beijing Municipal Administrative Center, the complex is the Fifth Universal Studios Theme Park worldwide, the third in Asia, and the first in China.

As a foreign foreign investment project in the services industry in Beijing, the complex shows the additional progress of China in expanding the opening of the service sector . It is expected to increase the establishment of Beijing as an international consumption center and strengthens the culture of China's tourism culture and industry in the middle of the Covid-19 epidemic.

Old capital is with the modern resort

Binding on world-renowned intellectual properties, such as Transformers, Minions, Harry Potter and Jurassic World, the Universal Beijing Resort attracted tens of thousands of tourists during the test operation at the beginning of September.

Of the seven themed lands of the complex, Kung Fu Panda Earth de amazement, Metrobase transformers and Waterworld are established especially for Chinese tourists.

"We take full consideration of the real needs and the cultural preferences of Chinese consumers," said Tom Mehrmann, President and General Manager of Beijing International Resort Co., Ltd. . THEMATIC PARK AND RAME OF MANAGEMENT OF RESORTS.

In addition to Chinese cultural elements ", made of entrance -china" also shines at the resort. The construction of the Universal Beijing Resort has made use of a large number of teams made in Chinese, showing the strength of the manufacturing industry of China.

Walking on the thematic ground of Jurassic World Island Cloud, visitors see a rockery water standing and spring water that fell from a height of 50 meters, which They take the scenes of the mind of a movie.

"This giant rocking was built with more than 10,000 steel components from Chinese engineers through computer control and modular construction," Shen Shuaishuai said, With the Second Office Office of the Office Office Office of China, Ltd., one of the complex construction contractors.

More high-end China technologies, such as great data, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, 3D scanning, 3D printing and modern survey technology, too They have been widely applied in the construction process.

"The construction took only two and a half years. The use of high-end China technologies has greatly shortened the construction period," said Wang Tayi, General Manager. of Beijing International Resort Co., Ltd.

20 years in, a new milestone

in the Decade of 1990, Beijing was exploring the diversified development of the tourism industry, while the US company Universal Parks & Resorts also looked for opportunities. To enter the Chinese market.

At the beginning of 2001, the Beijing Municipal Government and the US team celebrated negotiations on the Const


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