Lewis Hamilton takes 100th Victoria at the Grand Prix of Russia as Lando Norris rotates in the rain by Andrew BenShich F1 Writer

Lewis Hamilton won Its 100th Race of Formula 1 as a frantic last laps in the Russian Grand Prix caused by heavy rain, the hopes of Norris side. A victory from Maidella.

and the rain helped the title of Hamilton rival Max Versetappen Vault of seventh to second in his Red Bull after Change your change to wet tires perfectly.

The victory of Britono PU is back to the title advantage, but Verstappen's journey from the part Rear of the grid in Sochi means that the advantage of Hamilton is only two points.

Hamilton already held the record for most F1 victories with Michael Schumacher next to everyone's list Times with 91 victories.

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    The late downpour turned the race into his career. Head and while he gave The Mercedes driver a victory, he helped Verstappen even more.

    Norris, who took his position of the pole Doncena on Saturday, was dealing with five turns to go to His McLaren when he started raining.

    was Li initially, and only in a few corners, but Verstappen, who was at that point that he fought in The seventh place, was one of the first drivers in the trampled intermediate tires. Norris also lost the advantage in the first round

    was the realization of his afternoon as Norris and Hamilton, more than 30 seconds along the road in its battle for the advantage, it initially stayed outside.

    a similar decision Bovita Bovita Fernando Alonso, who was leading Verstappen in the sixth place before the rain, a third

    halfway around the turn after the Verstappen stop, Norris was asked if he I wanted to stop by intermediate tires. And he said: "No."

    Hamilton was also saying that he was not raining a lot, but he was ordered to enter because more rain came. .

    a lap was stopped after Verstappen, with four to go, leaving Norris on the front of his tires slippery. As the rain fell more and more.

    Hamilton was 14.9 seconds behind Norris A turn after he had stopped, but the rain was so Bad that the champion seven times caught the McLaren within five more corners and was swept toward lead.

    Norris finally stopped after the tip of the rest of the return, but the delay in coming for tires He dropped to the seventh place at the end.

    Carlos Sainz de Ferrari, who stopped by tires at the same time as Versel Appen, took third parties, while The Daniel Ricciardo and the Bottas de Valtteri de Mercedes also benefited from the first stops to

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