Jinan, September 28 (Xinhua): At a time when the pandemic of Covid-19, wars, the ecological crisis and the disparities between the rich and the poor still face To humanity and evidence the resistance of different civilizations, confucing philosophies have thrown once again light on solutions for themes.

Theme "Dialogue between Civilizations and Global Cooperation", in the Nishan Forum In Monday's World Civilizations they saw their seventh meeting in Qufu, the birthplace of Confucius in The province of Shandong of East China.

The forum offers a platform for academics and reputable experts in cultural studies. To forge a better understanding to improve dialogues between different cultures.

Participants This year recognize that differences in social systems, development models, ideologies and cultures between countries should not become an obstacle to conversing ACIONS The world should be home to various civilizations, and civilizations can flourish based on the dialogue of mutual respect.

believe that dialogs lawyers in traditional Chinese culture are still the way. To solve the bonds between countries that seem to separate. Communication is still the general motivation that leads human civilization to march forward and evolve over time. The equal dialogue between different civilizations has always been the theme of the Nisan Forum.

Serving as General Director of the Academic Group of the Forum by five consecutive sessions, Wang Xuedian, Executive Dean of the Advanced Institute of Confucian Studies at Shandong University, said the Forum aims to help resolve disputes in the world through dialogue from the beginning.

"It has been a decade since it was celebrated for the first time. Thought in danger by geopolitical confrontation and the Covid-19 pandemic, dialogue Among civilizations seems to be arrested. Some people even have a more pestimising vision about the destiny of humanity, "said Wang.

However, in the premise of mutual respect for the diversity of Civilizations, dialogue is always the correct solution. Mutual respect is the key. Cultures have their own strengths and weaknesses. Each of them represents different solutions for humanity to deal with existential crises that could arise. Learning from each other through dialogue is the best way for humanity to solve its own problems, said Wang.

In the forum, more than 180 home experts And foreigner jointly proposed that the world now requires dialogue, not confrontation. They agreed that the only cooperation based on dialogue with mutual respect is the definitive exit for the global challenges facing all humanity, and for human civilization along.

Your collective The opinion echoes the advance of China to welcome useful suggestions and constructive critiques while opposed to the sanctural preaching of those who feel they have The right to confer others.

Trust is derived from tolerance and diversity rooted in Chinese culture. Feng Jingwu, Professor of China Executive Leadership of the Academy Pudong, said Chinese culture always has a combination of Multiple thoughts since the ancient Chinese philosophers proposed thousands of years ago that the world would not advance until everything exists harmoniously in diversity .

"Harmony in diversity is exactly the background of the developing road of China," Feng said in the forum. "Instead of invading and exploiting others, China has always been dedicated to winning in virtue."

According to the forum experts, the search for harmony in diversity is considered as a fundamental article of Confucianis

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