Contrary to popular belief, not all expats in China are English teachers. In this look beyond the blackboard, I bring you some other expatriate works in China along with some pointers about what they pay and how to find them.

Disclaimer: Foreigners are only legally allowed to work in China for the company that sponsors its work visa.

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The entertainment industry is one of the fastest growing work fields for foreigners in China. Confined to the largest and developed cities a few years ago, music works for foreigners are now also making an appearance in smaller cities. As with most expatriate work in China, its success in this industry will depend on a mix of talent, experience and opportunity.

Finding work in China's musical industry is not like a logical or structured process, since I would expect to find in other more 'professional' fields. At the lower end of the scale, musicians can answer ads in the classified section of magazines and websites of local expats or bars and garbage clubs with their flyers. / CVS. At the top end of the scale, acts will be recruited abroad, usually to play in hotels or clubs for a six-month season. These are the music works most likely to come with a visa.

Modeling and acting

As with the music industry, a large part of the modeling and acting work on offerings in China is very informal nature. Many jobs are only for a day and are paid "under the table."

Also, as with music, the amount you can win will depend on experience and reputation. An established representative The usefulness in the West will ensure a much higher salary and can even give a contract with a company that will provide a visa.

Modeling and work of acting, long-term and casual nature, can be easily found on expatriate websites or simply through the word word. Often, just being a "foreigner with blonde hair" is all you need to adapt to the bill. Other occasions of employers will have strict requirements on the appearance, such as height, weight and facial characteristics, while the actors are expected to speak at least passable Chinese. Explorers often roam areas with many foreigners, especially universities, looking for voice models or actors, and occasional jobs can sometimes lead to long-term relationships.

Management roles

In past years, management roles in the main foreign companies with presence in China tended to be filled by the Office of the Organization in the West. With visas and incoming trips are still a big post-Covid problem, however, many companies are starting to look for expatriates as they live in China. By hiring the land, they are also saving money on the cost of relocation and the cost of the immersion in the performance that could be caused by the hiring of someone who needs to acclimatize the culture of Chinese work.

Management work like this tend to focus on areas such as sales, marketing and production. Compared to the previous options, they offer much more permanence and safety, almost surely in the form of full-time employment with a full visa and a substantial salary. The pay varies from the company to the company, but 25,000 RMB should be as low as it is put.

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